Why is it important to use the correct storage solution for a pH probe?


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Why is it important to use the correct storage solution for a pH probe?
Storage solution for a pH probe
Storage of a pH electrode can affect the life of the electrode and how quickly it responds or stabilizes in different types of samples. Since the internal and external components are separated by a reference junction, a phenomenon called osmosis and diffusion can occur if different molarity solutions are in contact with each other for too long, causing a drift in the internal reference. To prevent this from occurring, store the electrode in the the correct storage solution. The electrode can be stored for up to 2 hours in sample (if sample pH is not extreme) or in a neutral solution such as tap water between uses to prevent drying of the reference junction, but remember the greater the difference in molarity between the sample and internal solution of the electrode, the more problems that can occur. Do not leave the electrode in deionized or distilled water for more than 15 - 30 minutes. The electrolyte or internal filling solution can become diluted due to osmosis and adversely affect the function of the electrode.

If you don't know what the correct storage solution for your electrode is, please review the user manual for the electrode. There is another article that addresses this question as well.
What is the correct storage (and filling) solution for an IntelliCAL™ pH probe?


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