Is there a reported accuracy of Hach test strips?


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Is there a reported accuracy of Hach test strips?
Description of Test strip Accuracy.
Color pad test strips are simi-quantitative meaning that results are by threshold. This means that if the color of the reacted pad is between two color indicators on the label of the test strip container, then the result is within the range between the two color indicator values on the bottle.

For example, if a strip is darker than the color indicator on the bottle for 1 ppm and lighter then the next color indicator for 2 ppm, then the result would be that the sample concentration is between 1 and 2 ppm.

Because of this simi-quantitative nature and that the result interpretation is subjective to the observations of the person(s) performing the test, no accuracy statements can be provided on any color pad test strip.

For the Quantab® Chloride titration test strips an accuracy specification does exist since it is not a simi-quantitative color pad test strip. More information on these test strips can be found here: What is the accuracy of the Quantab® Chloride titration test strips?

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