How can the data log on the DR900 be erased?


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 20.12.2021
How can the data log on the DR900 be erased?
DR900 Data Log Delete/Erase
The only way to delete the DR900 data log is to perform a complete instrument reset, which returns the instrument back to all factory defaults. It erases all user and favorite programs and user IDs. To perform the reset:
1. Power DR900 on with power button.
2. Press settings key (wrench icon)
3. Select Setup
4. Select Instrument Information
5. Press and hold both the left and right arrow keys until the DR900 beeps 5 times.
6. Power DR900 off and back on again with the power button.
7. If the first menu displayed is the Language selection screen then the instrument is successfully reset.

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