How can the IntelliCAL™ Rugged LDO probes be calibrated?


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 15.06.2022
How can the IntelliCAL™ Rugged LDO probes be calibrated?
Calibrating an IntelliCAL™ LDO rugged probe
The IntelliCAL™ LDO101 Rugged Luminescent/Optical Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) Probe, 10, 15, and 30 meter cable can be calibrated in a similar way to the IntelliCAL™ LDO101 Standard Luminescent/Optical Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) Probe, 1 and 3-Meter Cable.

Instead of a BOD bottle, use a large beaker; fill it with approximately 1/3” of tap water. Use parafilm or similar wrap to cover the top of the beaker to shake and produce water saturated air, let the beaker sit for 30 minutes. (If a beaker is not available, as a last alternative, a gallon sized zip lock bag with a similar amount of water could be used.) Then place the probe in the beaker and make sure that the actual sensor is not submerged in the water. Cover the beaker with the wrap again and continue calibration as per User Manual: Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Probe Models: LDO10101, LDO10103, LDO10105, LDO10110, LDO10115 or LDO10130_DOC022.53.80021


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