What kind of samples are compatible with each LuminUltra test kit?


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What kind of samples are compatible with each LuminUltra test kit?
LuminUltra test kit sample compatibility
There are multiple LuminUltra test kits available for a wide variety of applications. Below is a guide to assist in the selection of the appropriate test kit based on application:
  • Quench-Gone Aqueous (QGA): For low-solids water-based samples with less than 10% free oil and/or salinity. Use QGA to detect total microbial activity in samples such as: Fresh & Salt Water, Drinking Water, Process Water, Sanitary Water, Cooling Tower Water, Treated Effluent, High-Purity Water, and Reclaimed Water.
  • Quench-Gone™ Organic Modified (QGO-M): For low-solids organic-based samples with more than 10% free oil and/or salinity. Use the QGO-M for samples such as: Metalworking Fluids, Finished Fuels, Hydrocarbon Diluents, Lubricants, Crude Oil, Oilfield waters, Oily Brines, and Bottom Water.
  • QuenchGone21™ Specialty (QG21S): The QG21S can be used for chemical product testing, such as slurries, adhesives, paints, and other coatings.
  • QuenchGone21™ Industrial (QG21I): The QG21I is used for high-solids process fluids. Use this test kit for samples such as: Papermaking Whitewater, Process Wash Waters, Pulping Process Water, and Other Process Waters.
  • QuenchGone21™ Wastewater (QG21W): the QG21W can be used for wastewater and bioprocessing samples, whether influent, bioreactor or effluent. The advanced version of this test can also provide the capability to quantify attached growth and floc bulking sedimentation processes.
  • Deposit & Surface Analysis (DSA™): Use the DSA for measuring attached growth such as biofilm, corrosion products, slimes by testing Processes Surfaces, Solid Deposits, Biofilm Collection Devices, and Biological Filter Media.

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