What is the shelf life of my process pH or ORP sensors?


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What is the shelf life of my process pH or ORP sensors?
pH/ORP sensors and storage details
We do not recommend to store the pH or ORP sensors if at all possible. If storage is necessary, please keep the storage time to a minimum (2-4 weeks) . Please be sure to store the probe with the storage cap on and the storage cap sponge wetted with a 4 or 7 pH buffer. Every 2 to 4 weeks check on the probe to rewet the sponge to prevent the sensor from drying out. If a sensor that comes out of storage is not reading correctly, it is recommend to soak it in a 4 buffer overnight to try to reactivate the salt bridge.  If soaking the sensor doesn't work, try replacing the electrolyte solution inside the sensor and replacing the salt bridge.  In the event the sensor still isn't functioning correctly, the entire sensor may need to be replaced with a new one.

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