What should be done when decommissioning a CL17 for long periods of time?


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What should be done when decommissioning a CL17 for long periods of time?
CL17 and decommissioning
To decommission a CL17 for an extended period of time follow the steps below.
  1. Remove the reagents and properly dispose of any remaining liquid.
  2. Remove the stirring bar from the colorimeter. A new magnet can be found in the maintenance kit which will be needed at start up later
  3. Clean sample cell per instrument manual.
  4. Flush the system by placing the reagent tubes into a beaker of demineralized or DI water and complete at least one full prime sequence.
  5. Once flushed, remove the internal tubing and discard. A new maintenance kit with all tubing will be required for start up later
  6. Shut off sample and remove sample supply tubing
  7. Disconnect all power, relay and recorder cables. (Be sure the power is removed from all cables before removing from the CL-17 connections.)
  8. Using a syringe and a small diameter tube, remove any remaining liquid from the colorimeter
  9. Leave the pinch tubing plate thumbscrews loose
  10. Dry the inside of the cabinet thoroughly to prevent corrosion during storage. (for long term storage, the use of desiccant packs would also be advisable)
  11. Store in a clean, dry environment
  12. Replace all parts in their original location for easy start-up

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