How can I check that my 5500 AMC level sensor input is correct?


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How can I check that my 5500 AMC level sensor input is correct?
5500sc AMC level sensor input jumpers
The level sensor on the 5500 AMC uses a digital input to communicate when the sample holder is full.  The location of this input is shown below.  If the jumpers are not correct the level sensor input will not function properly. 
Open the front door and remove power to the analyzer. Take off the safety cover to access the rear board. There are 6 sets of jumper positions that correspond to digital inputs 1-6 (DIG1-DIG6).  DIG1- DIG5 can be configured as needed.  DIG6 is reserved for the level sensor. 
Jumpers for DIG1-DIG5 need to be on the right two prongs. DIG6 for the level sensor needs the jumper to be on the left two prongs. Change position if needed and restore power.  Any sample missing errors or analyzer malfunction caused by incorrect jumper configuration should be cleared or corrected.  If the issue persists, continue to troubleshoot using How do I troubleshoot a 'Sample Missing' error on my 5500 AMC analyzer?

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