How is the TDS factor changed on an HQd meter?


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How is the TDS factor changed on an HQd meter?
Changing the TDS factor on an HQd meter / CDC401 conductivity probe
The HQD meters do not allow changes to the default method, so in order to change the TDS factor, you must first create a new 'method' in your meter.

To create a new method and to change the TDS factor:

1. Press the tools button (it looks like a wrench).
2. Select 'CDC401 Settings' by using the arrow keys to scroll up and down and the green key to select.
3. Select “Copy Current Method As...”
4. Enter a name for the new program (such as TDS) using the up/down arrows to scroll through letters/numbers, and the green and blue keys to move forward and back.
5. Select “Modify Current Settings”
6. Select"Parameter" and set the parameter to TDS (it will say "Parameter: Conductivity" by default).
7. Select "Measurement Options"
8. Select "TDS form" and select the "Custom" option.
9. Scroll to the 'TDS Factor' line and select to change.  The default TDS correction is 0.500. With the Up/Down and Left/Right Arrows set factor to desired value.
10. Press the blue key to exit.  For most meters, pressing the blue key 4 times will exit out to the measurement screen.
11. Calibrate the new method.

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