How is the water weir for 2200 PCX Particle Counter installed?


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 30.01.2018
How is the water weir for 2200 PCX Particle Counter installed?
Water weir installation instruction sheet for 2200 PCX Particle Counter
Please refer to the attached instruction sheet for installation of the water weir for the 2200 PCX Particle Counter. This instruction sheet describes how to set up and use the Hach Water Weir Flow Controller. A water weir is a device that raises or diverts water to regulate the flow. Hach’s water weir relies on gravity feed and head pressure to maintain a constant flow rate through the particle counting sensor. A constant flow rate allows a computer or particle counter to calculate the particle concentration. The vertical mounting position, relative to the water level in the filter, determines the head pressure. The particle sensor is mounted to the water weir so that the sensor plumbing connectors are lower than the water weir overflow drain. This allows the sensor to prime by gravity feed.

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