How is Datacom used with a PC?


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How is Datacom used with a PC?
Using Datacom with a PC
Downloading Datacom:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on download documentation in the left pane of the homepage.
  3. Click on product manuals and technical references.
  4. Click on software downloads.
  5. Click on on-line/process system software downloads.
  6. Click on the Datacom for sc 100 download.
General Information:
The sc 100 has six logs that can contain up to 128 K bytes of log information.  There is an event log and a data log for each of the sensors attached to the sc 100.  The event log is where the sc 100 stores its own events.  The data log is the log of calculated values generated by the sensors.
Log Retrieval using service cable:
  1. Connect the LZX887 service cable to the sc 100 with the red stripe on the top of the connector.
  2. Start the Datacom program found in the start menu/programs/Hach/Datacom.
  3. Select the Com port you have the service cable connected to on the PC.
  4. Verify the Baud Rate is set to 115200.
  5. Click the Discover button.
  6. Select Device drop down menu will show devices that are found during the discovery.  The devices found will include the probes that are attached to the sc 100 and the sc 100 itself.
  7. Choose the device, whose log you wish to read, from the Select Device drop down window. This will cause the device's properties to be shown in the Device Properties window.
  8. Select the desired button for downloading either:
    1. New Data: data/events that have been logged since the last time the log was read from the sc 100.
    2. All Data: all of the data/events in the sc 100's log.
    3. Time Interval: data/events during a particular time interval.
  9. Click the Start button to start the retrieval of the log. After clicking the Start button, you will be asked for a name for the file to be saved as, and you can select the folder to which it is saved.
  10.  If New or All Data were selected, the log file transfer will start immediately. If Time Interval was selected, you will be prompted to enter a time interval for which you wish to retrieve data. Note that the initial Start Date and Time is the start of the sc 100's log and the End Date and Time is the end of the sc 100's log. Also note that the "granularity" of the sc 100's logs is 1 K bytes. So when the sc 100 parses its log for the desired interval, it can give you up to 1 K bytes of additional information before as well as after the entered time interval.
  11.  The retrieved data will be shown in the bottom window.
  12.  If Data Log information was retrieved, the binary file will be saved with a .flg suffix and the parsed data will be saved with a .csv suffix.  The .csv file can be reviewed with Excel. If Event Log information was retrieved, a text file will be saved with a .csv suffix. This file can be viewed with either a text editor or Excel.
  13. The Open button can be used to select a downloaded data file for viewing or to select an .flg file for parsing to a .csv file.
  14.  If the Error Log check box is checked, a log will be created in the folder C:Program Files HachDatacom. The log will track issues with the Datacom program.
Flashing Sensors through Datacom:
  1. Digital sensors that have flashing capability over the Modbus network can be flashed using the Datacom program.  Note that 1720E  and FilterTRax 660 sc sensors must be connected directly through the service cable to the PC and not through the sc100 controller.
  2. Connect the LZX887 service cable to the sc 100 and turn on the Datacom program.
  3. Select the Com port you have the service cable connected to on the PC.
  4. Verify the Baud Rate is set to 115200.
  5. Discover the devices by selecting the Discover button. Note the digital sensor e.g. LDO, must be attached to the sc 100.
  6. Make sure the LDO probe is shown in the Select Device window. All future operations will now pertain to this probe (and not the sc 100 or other probes).
  7. Click on the Flash button. The Flash Files selection window will appear. See Figure 3.
  8. Datacom allows the user to update the LDO's Boot file, Application file and Driver file in one operation. If you are only updating one file, you can also do that. By putting a check mark in the check box next to the desired file type, you are indicating that this file is to be downloaded.  Check all appropriate file types to be flashed and then browse for the actual files on your PC. For example, with the LDO V1.03 update, you should flash LDO_Boot_V109.BIN, LDO_App_V103.BIN, and LDO_Drvr_040227.bin. Check the instructions with the specific version update to assure you flash all appropriate files. The Flash Files window should be configured as shown in Figure 3.  Important Note: Do not cycle the power to the sc 100 or LDO probe until you have successfully downloaded all of the files. If on downloading files errors should occur, simply restart the Datacom program, do not cycle power to the sc 100 or LDO probe.
  9. Click the OK button to start the download of the first file, which will be the Boot file. A progress bar graph will appear. When the boot file has been successfully downloaded, a popup window will appear.
  10. Click OK and Datacom will then start downloading the Application file.
  11. After the application file has been successfully downloaded, click OK on the popup window to continue on to downloading the Driver file.
  12. Click OK when the driver file has been successfully downloaded.
  13. The download process is now complete, and the Datacom program can be closed.
  14. Cycle the power to the LDO probe by disconnecting and then reconnecting the LDO probe or simply cycle the power to the sc 100. This will make the LDO probe start running the newly downloaded software.
  15. Go to the sc 100's TEST/MAINT menu. Then go to SCAN SENSORS and start the scanning process. If the sc 100 indicates that sensors are missing, delete those sensors. This will ensure that the sc 100 is using the newly downloaded Driver file in the LDO probe.
  16. Remove the service cable and close up the sc 100.
The download procedure is now complete. If for any reason the download of any file was unsuccessful, simply repeat the procedure.  It is important that you do not cycle the power to the sc 100 or LDO probe until you have successfully downloaded all of the files.

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