TOC Removal in Drinking Water Applications


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 17.05.2022
TOC Removal in Drinking Water Applications
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Managing natural organic matter (NOM) is important to produce safe drinking water. NOM, measured as Total Organic Carbon (TOC) can react with chlorine to form disinfection byproducts.
The NOM, which is the precursor of DBP formation, can be measured by total organic carbon (TOC) analysis. The Hach® BioTector B3500dw Online TOC Analyzer, which is developed specifically for the drinking water industry, optimizes the monitoring and the removal of organics based on real time TOC measurements. BioTector utilizes an advanced oxidation technology, which is a US EPA approved method, and supplies accurate and reliable detection of organics, assisting and ensuring optimal water treatment process.
Read the application note by clicking here TOC Removal in Drinking Water Applications_DOC043.53.30365

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