Can the UVAS sc be mounted after a carbon filter?


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 27.03.2019
Can the UVAS sc be mounted after a carbon filter?
Mount UVAS sc after carbon filter
In general UVAS is a good instrument to detect water samples before and after carbon filters. The probes will be able to monitor for saturated filters when detectable components pass through in the mg/l range (roughly); e.g. toluene or benzene or more general: components absorbing UV light at 254 nm.

Limitations are as follows: the probe will not be able to detect e.g. methylene chloride or chloroform as there is no UV light absorption at 254nm by these components.

5mm or 50mm pathlengths are recommended for post filter applications.  Users can use lab protocol as a starting point to determine the necessary pathlength for their process, or if possible, use UV absorbance data at 254 nm.


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