How does the TU5 Series' System Check work?


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How does the TU5 Series' System Check work?
Full explanation of the System Check feature for the TU5 Series Turbidimeters
System Check performs three functions for a TU5 series turbidimeter:
  • Vial Presence Detection- Senses whether or not a vial is present inside of the analytical unit, enabling automatic readings when the lid is closed on the TU5200 and providing critical information to prevent flooding the TU5300 and TU5400 process turbs
  • Condensation Detection- Senses whether condensation is present on the side of the vial and provides a system warning
  • Contamination Detection- Senses whether or not the vial is clean; if contamination is detected will provide a system warning
All warnings can be tied to trip an alarm relay. System Check comes standard on the TU5200 and is an option that can be included at the time of purchase for the TU5300 sc and TU5400sc. It is required to be installed on a TU5300sc or TU5400sc turbidimeter for Prognosys to work correctly.

Additional Information and Functionality
  • TU5200: Performed when the sample compartment's lid is closed.
  • TU5300/TU5400: Performed 2 minutes after the process head is closed and per set interval time on the controller. System check can be set to activate at specific intervals greater than one hour. To initiate a full system check on-demand, navigate to SENSOR SETUP>DIAG/TEST>SIGNALS. Once the SIGNALS menu is chosen, the instrument will perform a full system check.
Turbidity Limits
Each functionality of system check has specific turbidity limits above which this functionality will not work. If turbidity of the sample is above any of these thresholds, no error or warning will show and INACTIVE will be displayed for the functionality on the turbidimeter's SIGNALS menu.
  • Vial Presence Detection: functions when turbidity is less than or equal to 200 NTU
  • Condensation Detection: functions when turbidity is less than or equal to 10 NTU
  • Contamination Detection: functions when turbidity is less than or equal to 1 NTU

System Check and the Automatic Cleaning Module
While the system check feature is capable of providing a warning about the cleanliness level of the vial and the Automatic Cleaning Module can clean the vial, these items work independently from each other and cannot be tied together. If the Vial Clarity warning is showing frequently, the customer can select a shorter cleaning cycle, or if using the shortest cleaning cycle and still seeing the warning, change the wiper type that is being used.

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