TU5 Series Frequently Asked Questions


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TU5 Series Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions about the TU5 Series (TU5200, TU5300, and TU5400) Turbidimeters
TU5 Series Turbidimeters Frequently Asked Questions Library
While answers to many TU5 Series Turbidimeter questions can be found within the documentation contained on the TU5 Series Resource Library, some information may not be covered as thoroughly as possible and may need a better explanation.  This site provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the TU5 Series Turbidimeters. To receive updates with the most current frequently asked questions, make sure to click on the blue Subscribe button near the top right of the page.

All TU5 Series Instruments
What is the EPA approved method for the TU5200, the TU5300, and the TU5400 Series Turbidimeters?
Can particles that settle in the vial of the TU5 impact the turbidity measurement?
What parts are customer replaceable on the TU5200, TU5300, and the TU5400?
How can RFID be used to make the turbidity measurement workflow easier?
How does the TU5 Series' System Check work?
What is the difference between an EPA and ISO TU5 Series instrument?
Can I trim my RFID tag to fit a specific sample cell or bottle?
Can the 10 NTU Stablcal verification standard for the TU5200, TU5300 sc, and TU5400 sc Laser Turbidimeters be purchased by itself?
What consumable parts are customer replaceable for the TU5 Series Instruments?

Are there plastic or disposable cuvettes for the TU5200?
What will happen if water is spilled in the sample compartment of the TU5200?
How much data can the TU5200 data log hold?
Can data from the TU5200 be exported to a SCADA system?
Is a power supply included in the purchase of the TU5200 Series Benchtop Turbidimeter?
Is it possible to program the TU5200 Benchtop Laser Turbidimeter for measurement at intervals?
Can the TU5200 Benchtop Laser Turbidimeter measure in units of mg/L?
What is the difference between the TU5200 Benchtop Laser Turbidimeter EPA Version and ISO versions?
Which vial stand comes with the TU5200 Benchtop Laser Turbidimeter?
What is the best way to clean the TU5200 Benchtop Laser Turbidimeter Sample Cells?
Is the TU5200 capable of communicating with a network?
What is the part number for the TU5200 Benchtop Laser Turbidimeter sample cells?
What is the minimum sample volume for the SIP10 Sipper Unit for TU5200 Benchtop Laser Turbidimeter?
Which printer is compatible with the TU5200 Benchtop Laser Turbidimeter?
Are the sample cell compartments on Hach's portable and benchtop turbidimeters temperature controlled?

Where can Modbus registers be downloaded for the TU5300 or TU5400?
Can mNTU units be selected on the TU5300 or TU5400 turbidimeters?
Can the TU5300/TU5400 Turbidimeters be used to measure seawater samples?
Will scratches on the vial left by the TU5300 sc/TU5400 sc Automatic Cleaning Module (ACM) influence turbidity readings?
If my TU5 was ordered with an Automatic Cleaning Module (ACM), but I'd like to use the standard process head, what part numbers should I order?
What are the materials for the TU5300sc and TU5400sc process turbidimeters?
What is the power consumption of a TU5300sc or TU5400sc?
Why does my TU5300sc or TU5400sc read higher than my 1720E, FT660, or Ultraturb?
What functionality is lost with the TU5300 sc or TU5400 sc when connected to an sc100?
What is the TU5400 sc's % Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) Function?
What is the pressure drop across the TU5300sc and TU5400sc turbidimeters?
Does the TU5400 have Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) capability?
Where can the TU5 Series turbidimeters be installed at a wastewater plant?
How does the humidity set point in a TU5300/5400 series turbidimeter work?

TU5300sc/TU5400sc Flow Sensor
Can the TU5's flow sensor readings be displayed on the controller screen and output to SCADA?
How can I clean the flow sensor for my TU5300 or TU5400 turbidimeter?
What are the causes of a decrease in flow for TU5300sc or TU5400sc turbidimeters?

TU5300sc/TU5400sc Automatic Cleaning Module
What are the materials for the TU5 Series Automatic Cleaning Module (ACM)?

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