How is the software for the DR 6000 updated?


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How is the software for the DR 6000 updated?
DR 6000 Software update procedures
After downloading the DR6000 Spectrophotometer Software Update - V1.19_20_15 the DR 6000 can be updated with the following procedures. 

1. Unzip the file. There will be a software revision number after the DR6000. Do not further unzip the dr6000.tar.gz file
2. Copy the file "dr6000.tar.gz" to the root folder of a blank USB memory stick.
3. Connect the memory stick to the USB interface of the DR 6000 and navigate to the main menu of the instrument.
4. Select "System Checks" in the lower left corner of the main menu, then select "Instrument Update". Select OK.

5. Wait until the update has been completed. This takes several minutes.
6. After update completes, shut down the DR 6000, wait 10 seconds and restart.

Verify the update was successful by navigating from the main menu to “System Checks” then “Instrument Information” The instrument version should show the correct version that was just updated.
If the instrument update fails, verify that the USB stick is recognized by the meter by navigating from the main menu, select instrument update, then PC & Printer. If the USB memory stick is recognized, the DR 6000 should state USB Memory: Connected. If the instrument says Not Connected at this point, try a different USB memory stick, reformat the drive as FAT32, or ensure the steps above are correct.

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