Can a relay be set to trigger upon a warning on the 5500 sc analyzer?


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Can a relay be set to trigger upon a warning on the 5500 sc analyzer?
5500 sc analyzer warning level settings.
In addition to standard relay setup for control, the relays can also be configured to trigger upon a warning.  In order to set the relay, take the following path:
Menu > System Setup > Set Outputs > Relay Setup > Select Relay (A, B, C, D) > Source (select the analyzer name) > Function : Warning > Activation : Warning Level

Listed below are the available warnings to choose from. Any or all can be chosen.  Putting a check mark in the box to the left of the warning by pushing the left arrow button will select it to trigger the relay.
  • High dark current
  • Reagent pressure
  • Unstable readings
  • Low light level
  • Reagent low
  • Standard solution low
  • Sample flow low
  • Heater failure
  • Fluid leak
  • Temperature sensor
  • Case temp high
  • Failed cal
  • Sample 1 missing
  • Sample 2 missing
  • Sample 3 missing
  • Sample 4 missing
  • Sample 5 missing
  • Sample 6 missing
  • Shutdown mode
  • Sample pressure > X
  • Sample pressure < X
  • Carl standard empty
  • Auto cal disabled
  • Analyzer setup
  • Temp out of range
  • Open heater circuit
  • Reagent pressure high
  • Fan failure
  • Overfeed timer
  • Restart to accept SW
  • Network comm loss
  • Link2sc job failure

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