How is the cotton "Silver trap" applied to an Orbisphere 311xx series sensor?


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How is the cotton "Silver trap" applied to an Orbisphere 311xx series sensor?
Method for applying the cotton "Silver Trap" to the Orbisphere 311xx series sensor.

Twist a piece of medical sterile cotton wool into a fairly tight string.
Soak the cotton in oxygen electrolyte, Catalog Number/ Order Code 2959, for at least one hour prior to installation

Push the string down in the space between the anode and central electrodes.
Use a tissue to wipe the center electrodes, and the membrane support piece seating, completely clean of dispersed cotton fibers.
Be sure all cotton is below the top edge of the anode!

Screw on the membrane support piece and fill with electrolyte, slowly and gently.

Form some tiny balls of cotton to a size a bit bigger than the holes in the membrane support piece. Use tweezers and push a cotton ball down in each opening, just under the surface of the membrane support piece.
Make a final check to see that no cotton fibers protrude above the sensor service. Add, if necessary, a drop of electrolyte on the center electrode and mount the new membrane.
Replace the cotton during each sensor service!

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