Can an HQD LDO probe be used in a wine application?


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 16.10.2018
Can an HQD LDO probe be used in a wine application?
Suitability of LDO technology in wine applications
The LDO sensor cap is designed for water samples and will degrade in any organic solvent, including wine and other alcoholic beverages.  Wineries are using the LDO technology with success.  However, they are aware that the LDO sensor caps are not going to last a full year and the life expectancy may be reduced to 2 months and need more frequent replacement.  To maximize the life of the sensor cap it is important to minimize the time that the probe is in the wine sample and to rinse the probe thoroughly right after measurement.  Even with the more frequent sensor cap replacement the LDO technology still has an advantage of the old membrane style probes.

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