Do the Lachat wavelength filters go bad?


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Do the Lachat wavelength filters go bad?
Lachat wavelength filter deterioration

It is possible for the interference filters to go bad. 

Filters function to block certain wavelengths, allow others to pass, and to transmit a specified % of incident light. If the filters have deteriorated significantly there is typically a gradual change in peak areas, usually a decrease. Since the Lachat systems are calibrated frequently, the change is not always readily apparent. If one is having difficulty with a method and it is determined that the areas obtained for standards are significantly different than the Lachat method support data, the filter is a possible cause. In some cases, if a user goes back and looks at calibration areas over the last year or several months they may see that the areas have gradually changed over time. If another reason for a change in areas cannot be determined filter replacement should be considered.

Is there any way to prolong the life of the Lachat wavelength filters?

Why do Lachat wavelength filters go bad?

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