How much of the shelf life is guaranteed to be remaining on products received by Hach?


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How much of the shelf life is guaranteed to be remaining on products received by Hach?
Policy on shelf life concerns.
Some products have short shelf lives and can be received with only a few months remaining before the expiration date. (See What is the reagent shelf life? for additional information.) This is not usually the case for all reagents or standards, most products have shelf lives of several years and will have most of the shelf life remaining once received. But this can be a concern for products with a shelf life of a year or less.

Although the warranty policy states that it does not apply to consumable products such as chemical reagents (Refer to the  Hach Warranty for additional information), products recieved with less than half of the shelf life remaining can be replaced for customers in the North America (specifically US and CAN) as a courtesy. If a product is received with less than half of its shelf remaining please contact the Hach Customer Support at 800.227.4224 extension 6103 for US or extension 6105 for Canada with proof of purchase (order number or purchase order number from when the product was ordered and confirmation that the lot number of product in question matches the lot number sent on that order).

This is not true for for international distributors. For Hach international distributors there is an official policy in regards to this.

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