How should the LuminUltra Photonmaster™ be cleaned?


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How should the LuminUltra Photonmaster™ be cleaned?
Cleaning the LuminUltra Photonmaster™
The LuminUltra Photonmaster™ should be cleaned at least on an annual bases.

Cleaning instructions can be found in the PhotonMaster™ Luminometer & Bluetooth® Module Product Instructions. This document is available on LuminUltra's website.

Only use the approved cleaning kits and avoid the use of sharp or abrasive materials. The instrument should be disconnected from any USB connections prior to cleaning.
  1. Remove the rubber gasket from around the chamber.
  2. Carefully lay the unit on its side with the lid open.
  3. Using the provided solution, apply 6-8 drops to the swab (using the dropper tip to spread the fluid around the swab to aid in absorption).
  4. Once the cleaning fluid is absorbed, slowly insert it into the chamber.
  5. Insert the swab fully into the chamber and turn 6x clockwise while lifting the swab up and down within the chamber. Repeat 6x counter-clockwise. If heavily soiled, apply more fluid and repeat the steps.
  6. Using a new dry swab, repeat step 5 in order to dry the compartment. Pull the swab and feel for dampness. If damp, use a new swab and repeat twisting steps. Continue to use new clean swabs until the swab comes out dry (usually requires three swabs).
  7. Verify that cleaning was successful by testing the travel of the piston in the chamber (it should be smooth), and by visually inspecting the chamber. If there is still visible debris in the chamber, perform the cleaning again.
To prevent damage, do not reuse swabs after cleaning.

Hach sells the LuminUltra Luminometer Maintenance kit (Product # LMK-5). Do not use the LumiClean solution (Product # LC-250ML) as that is meant to be used as a reagent in one of the test methods, not as a way to clean the photometer.

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