How can yellowed sample cells be cleaned?


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 27.05.2017
How can yellowed sample cells be cleaned?
Recommendation for cleaning yellow stained sample cells or pour-thru cells
Glass and plastic sample cells can be stained yellow over time. The nitrogen-ammonia reagent sets produce a yellow color during the chemical reactions. For the Nitrogen-Ammonia Nessler Method 8038 a yellow color is formed proportional to the ammonia concentration. For the Nitrogen-Ammonia Salicylate Method 8155 the yellow color is the reagent color and the solution turns green in the presence of ammonia.

The discolored yellow sample cells or pour-thru can be cleaned using Sodium Thiosulfate Powder Pillows Catalog Number 2293766 about once per week to remove the yellow color.

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