How do I use PolySeed?


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How do I use PolySeed?
Polyseed Preparation for BOD
Polyseed is a blend of microbial cultures packaged in capsules for BOD analysis.  Polyseed is designed to provide a uniform standard for the degredation of both industrial and municipal wastes in BOD analysis.

1. Prepare the seed by adding one PolySeed capsule to 500 mL of dilution water and stir gently or aerate for one hour.
2. The dilution water must contain a nutrient buffer pillow as described in the test procedure

Seed Control:
The seed itself will consume some dissolved oxygen that must be measured and used in calculating a seed correction factor.
1. Run the seed as a normal sample, so that depletion is at least 2 mg/L DO.
2. Use the depletion as well as ratio of volume of seed in sample to seed in the control to correct for the oxygen demand from the seed.

1. For the dilution method, add 1 to 2 mL (amount varies) of seed directly to each BOD bottle when measuring samples or standards.
* Use 15 mL if using the BODTrak.

This is described in more detail in the test procedure for each method.


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