How can I correct a "Dark Warning" error on my 1720E controller?


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How can I correct a "Dark Warning" error on my 1720E controller?
1720E Dark Warning
There are four progressive steps to addressing the Dark Warning on a 1720E turbidimeter:
  1. Perform "Zero Electronics" procedure from the calibration menu once the 1720E head has been verified that it is completely seated on the body.
  2. If this procedure does not correct the warning, the next step is to uninstall and reinstall the 1720E on the controller.
    1. Before doing this step, it is recommended to go into the output setup and the activation menu to write down what the 4-20 mA output scaling is. This will need to be programmed back in upon reinstallation.
    2. Unplug the sensor from the bottom of the controller, scan devices, and delete off of the controller. Plug the sensor back in, scan devices, and the sensor will reinstall.
  3. If this procedure does not correct the warning, replacement of the photo detector (Catalog Number/Order Code 5218000) is required. This can be done by a customer or by the service department.
  4. In the rare instance that the Dark Warning is not addressed by the above procedures, the final step is to have a Hach factory authorized technician replace the circuit board on the sensor. Please contact Hach Technical Support to arrange this repair.

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