How do I clean my 2200PCX?


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How do I clean my 2200PCX?
2200PCX and cleaning

1. Remove the sample line quick-disconnect fitting at the inlet port (bottom)

of the NEMA enclosure. Leave the quick-disconnect connected at the top.

2. Insert the cleaning brush up through the bottom flow path as shown

in Figure 18. Use a gentle laboratory cleaning solution to enhance the

cleaning and lubricate the brush/cell. Gently insert the brush and twirl

it as it is being inserted into the bottom fitting. It will bottom out to a stop.

Repeat several times, then reconnect the inlet flow connector to flush

the cell.

3. Observe the Calibration Fail indicator. The indicator should go off within a

few seconds.

4. If the Calibration Fail indicator remains on, perform the stain cleaning

procedure below.

For microbiological (green) growths, flush cell with 30 to 50 mL isopropyl alcohol, and then flush cell with water.

For red mineral deposits (iron, etc.), flush cell with an iron reducing agent Like RoVer®, and then flush cell with water.

For calcium (white) deposits, flush cell with vinegar or phosphoric acid, and then flush cell with water.

For purple or black stains (manganese, etc.), flush with a solution of 1/3 water, 1/3 vinegar, and 1/3 hydrogen peroxide (3% strength), and then flush cell with water.

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