How do I troubleshoot a "Raise Piercing Lever" warning on an Orbisphere 3625?


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How do I troubleshoot a "Raise Piercing Lever" warning on an Orbisphere 3625?
Issues that cause "Raise Piercing Lever" warning on an Orbisphere 3625.
The "Raise Piercing Lever" error is caused by either a pressure issue or the package positioning sensor failing or out of adjustment.
Place the 3625 in the Options menu and select Check Routine.  Select Tube and manually raise and lower the back guide rod.  The display on the 3625 should cycle between "Open & Closed".  If not the package positioning sensor needs to be checked.  Depending on the model of piercer you have will determine the type of sensor to check. 
Older piercers (PN 29978) have the sensor mounted in the manifold and reads the metal flag/foot at the bottom of the rear guide rod.  Sometimes this flag/foot can become loose and fall off. See reference number 9 & 10 in drawing below.  Number 10 references the set screw used to secure the flag/foot to the bottom of the rear guide rod.
Newer piercers (PN 29995) have a micro switch in a black box on the top horizontal bar of the piercer.  This switch is triggered by the top of the back rod actuating the switch. The micro switch is replaceable under PN 32947.  This part does not include the cover, cable or gland.  For complete assembly use PN 32936.

If the issue is not a mechanical one, then it is pressure related.  Verify the internal barometric pressure is within 30 mbar of the external pressure sensor low point calibration.

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