What is the "documents" menu used for on the DR3900?


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 05.01.2022
What is the "documents" menu used for on the DR3900?
Documents menu on DR3900
The documents feature can be used to upload or display the PDF you would like to see.
Create folder “docs” on a USB stick
-Put PDF of choice into this folder on USB stick
-Connect USB stick to spectrophotometer and press “Documents” button
Under “Documents” on spec, all documents with the prefix USB are on the USB stick, while others without the prefix are already on the instrument.
Both can be displayed on the spec. The PDFs can be transferred from the USB stick to the instrument by selecting the PDF to display it, then scrolling down to the “save” icon on the right side bar. In order to be opened, the files must be in PDF format.

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