How can the DR 3900 or DR 6000 Spectrophotometers be connected to a computer to transfer data?


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How can the DR 3900 or DR 6000 Spectrophotometers be connected to a computer to transfer data?
Transferring data from a DR 3900 or DR 6000 to a computer
There are several methods for transferring data from a  DR 3900 or DR 6000 Spectrophotometer to a computer:

1. USB Storage Drive -  This option does not require a Network connection.

2. Ethernet cable connection to a Windows-based Local Area Network (LAN) -  Data is sent to a “DR_Data” folder on the computer’s main hard drive via the LAN.

3. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) connection to a Windows-based LAN -  Hach does not sell a WLAN adapter for the DR 3900 or DR 6000 Spectrophotometer.

4. Crossover Ethernet cable connection directly to a computer - The Crossover cable occupies the computer’s Ethernet port, blocking connection to other networks (including the Internet). In most cases a DR 3900 or DR 6000 Spectrophotometer and the PC should be connected to a LAN backbone.

USB Storage Drive transfer is explained in the user manual. Basic instructions for the other three options are also in the user manual, but they are not very detailed.

Attached to this article are detailed instructions .

Note: Although the “DR 3900” is listed in the instructions, the directions remain the same for the DR 6000 because the network structure of the two devices is the same.

The following articles contain information for connecting a DR 3900 or DR 6000 Spectrophotometer to Wifi/WLAN:

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