How can parts that are not viewable on the website be added to an online order?


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How can parts that are not viewable on the website be added to an online order?
Instructions for ordering a part that is not viewable on the website.
There are some parts that are available for purchase that are not listed or viewable on the website. These items can be ordered like any other item on orders placed by email, fax, or phone.

Although they are not listed on the website, it is possible to have these items added to an online order. To do so requires that the order also contains items that are listed and viewable on the website as well, and it also requires that the product number is known in advance. The price of this product will not be included in the subtotal for the online order, but would be included on the invoice, so it is advisable that the pricing for the item is known in advance as well.

To add an item like this to an online order, in the comments section of the online order, write "I would also like to add quantity x of product number xxxx to my order as well please." before the online order is submitted.

Any time that there is text added to this comment section, the order is flagged to be reviewed by the customer support team before the order is booked and any other items requested in the comments section are added to the order.

Because of this review process there may be a delay in order processing and it would be advised to add an additional business day to the expected delivery date for orders placed with comments relative to when they would be expected for normal orders placed with Hach. Please be sure that the email address is up to date on the order in case Hach Customer Support requires additional information to complete the order.

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