How can customers use RFID to make their turbidity workflow easier?


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 04.01.2022
How can customers use RFID to make their turbidity workflow easier?
Description of RFID functionality on the TU5200, TU5300, and TU5400 turbidimeters
RFID allows customers to make measurement easier for two workflows:
  • Calibration- Using sealed vials with RFID for calibration enables the appropriate turbidity value to be automatically transferred to the turbidimeter. Additionally, when using the RFID function of the vial, the instrument will recognize when calibration standards have expired and will not allow expired standards to be used forcalibration.
  • Transfer of data to facilitate matching between lab and process- Using sample bottles equipped with RFID stickers, customers can transfer a sample’s turbidity value, sampling time, sampling location, and the name of the operator who took the sample to a TU5200 for direct comparison between lab and process values. For more information about this specific workflow, please watch the below. Subtitles are available by clicking the grey gear at the bottom right hand of the video screen.

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