What are the instructions for performing a software update on the AT1000/KF1000?


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What are the instructions for performing a software update on the AT1000/KF1000?
Software update for AT1000/KF1000
In order for the software update to be performed, the model number and current version on the instrument needs to be checked. Each model has separate software and an update will not be possible if the titrator is already running the current version.

To check the model number and current software version, select Settings then Info to view the Model name and SW version.

Based on the model name, download the software update from below (these are also available on the downloads tab of the titrator product page on the Hach website):

AT1102 Software Update
AT1112 Software Update
AT1122 Software Update
AT1222 Software Update
KF1121 Software Update

This will download a zipped folder with the model name. Inside the zipped folder is another folder of the same name. That folder will contain two things: a folder titled USB Drive, and a .pdf document with the instructions (which is also attached to this article.)

Following the instructions, there are three things that are most important:
  1. The update file (.CAB) must be in the correct place on the drive or the instrument will not be able to locate it. This is the folder structure where that file must be: USB drive name>HACH>SOFT> .CAB file.
  2. The instrument must be off, then the drive inserted once off, then powered on. Immediately after turning the instrument on, press and hold the down arrow key. Do not release the arrow until the software upgrade confirmation window opens up.
  3. After the update is complete, the system will reboot itself. This may take some time. DO NOT manually turn off the instrument if the system does not reboot right away. If this is done, it may permanently damage the software on the titrator which will require that the titrator be serviced.

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