How does the manual sampling function work for the Lachat Quikchem FIA analyzer?


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How does the manual sampling function work for the Lachat Quikchem FIA analyzer?
Using Manual Sampler with Lachat Omnion
If needed the Lachat Quikchem FIA analyzers can be run with manual sampling to process samples without the use of an autosampler. To make use of the manual sampler option:
  • An autodilutor cannot be used. Requested autodilutions and the autodilution trigger must be disabled to use the manual sampler option.
  • The autosampler probe must be removed from the autosampler so that it can be freely moved from sample to sample.
  • The autosampler must be configured to Manual Sampler within Omnion.
To configure Manual Sampler within Omnion:
  • Go to Configuration within Omnion and choose Autosampler from the drop down menu.
  • From the Configure Autosampler window select Manual Sampler from the drop down menu under Autosampler Type.
  • Press the accept button at the bottom of the Configure Autosampler window.
  • Omnion will now use manual sampling.
Once the run is started within Omnion, the software will prompt when the probe needs to be moved. The software will specify if the probe needs to be moved to the sampler rinse station or a specific cup number. Below is an example of the dialogue window.

The software will not proceed with the next step in sampler timing until the OK button is selected by the user. This ensures that if the user is distracted for a short period, the system will not recognize the probe has been moved until the OK button is selected to acknowledge it.

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