BioTector B3500e Resource Library


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BioTector B3500e Resource Library
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Hach’s TOC Analyzers provide options for clean water application and even the most challenging applications involving fats, oils, greases, salts, sludge and particulates. BioTector
Hach Company’s Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers provide maximum uptime and reliability with a patented self-cleaning oxidation technology that easily handles difficult samples and significantly reduces maintenance.

PetroChemical Brochure
Click Here
Food Brochure
Click Here
Pulp & Paper Brochure
Click Here

Click here for B3500e Analyzer Datasheets (Multiple Languages)

For Engineers:
CSI Specifications
In this document you can review all engineering CSI Specifications. Available in both PDF and Word formats. Click here to see the CSI Specification

Transmittal Drawings
Dimensional drawings for B3500e Analyzer into your design easy. Click here

Tender Text
Engineering Tender Text makes it easy to add the B3500e Analyzer to your design. Click here

User Manual
Click here for B3500e Analyzer User Manual

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