What changes need to be made in the Omnion software if the PDS200 dilutor system is no longer used?


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What changes need to be made in the Omnion software if the PDS200 dilutor system is no longer used?

Software changes needed to discontinue use of PDS200 dilutor

There are three changes which need to be made when discontinuing use of the PDS200 Precision Dilutor System (Product # A89103/A89203). Two of these changes need to be made within the Omnion template files. If desired, one can save these changes with a different template file name, so that the previous files can be used again when the dilutor is put back on line.
  • Within the sampler configuration, the Autosampler type which references the sampler used without the dilutor reference must be selected.
    • Choose Autosamplers from the Configuration drop down menu
    • Select the drop-down arrow in the Autosampler Type field.
    • Scroll up the list, if needed, to locate the same Autosampler Type currently selected but without /PDS200.
    • Press the Accept button to finalize the change
  • Within the Omnion template files the auto dilution trigger must be turned off for each analyte. This is located in the Analytes tab within the Run Properties window.
    • Within the Analytes tab select each analyte one at a time. Analytes are listed directly beneath each Channel unless a specific channel has been turned off.
    • When an analyte is selected the Auto Dilution Trigger field should be visible within the Analyte Properties.
    • Verify the Auto Dilution Trigger box is not checked. If it is then clicking within the box will uncheck it.
    • Save the .omn file to save this change.
  • Within the Omnion template files any requested auto dilutions need to be disabled. These are enabled in the run worksheet.
    • Within the Run Worksheet is a column labeled ADF (auto dilution factor). There is also a check box column to the left of the ADF column. An auto dilution will be performed for any standard/sample in the Run worksheet that has this box checked.
    • Make sure none of the ADF check boxes are checked.
    • Save the .omn file to save these changes. 

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