How can the Lachat PDS200 dilutor system be physically bypassed?


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How can the Lachat PDS200 dilutor system be physically bypassed?
Physical changes to bypass dilutor
There are two considerations when physically bypassing the PDS200 Precision Dilutor System (Product # A89103/A89203). 
  • The sample line which runs through the three-way dilutor valve is replaced with a piece of Teflon manifold tubing. This will replace two pieces of tubing. The first is the tubing which goes from the sampler probe to the three-way valve and the second is the tubing which goes from the three-way valve to the sample line pump tube. One can try to match the new piece of tubing so that the length matches the two pieces being replaced. Though the exact length used does not have to match if time to valve is checked and adjusted (if needed) after replacement.
  • The sampler probe should be replaced. The dilutor requires a dual probe. If the dual probe is used without the dilutor there can be carry over issues as only one half of the probe is being used.  The second half will still enter each sample/standard and the rinse station, but rinse will not be pulled through it. Part number for the single probe will vary by sampler. If a single probe is installed and the sampler has a guide plate, the guide plate should be adjusted.  If not, the probe will be loose in the guide plate and will not be as precise to reach each sample location.
The sample probe installed on the Lachat ASX autosampler appears loose. What can be done about this?

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