What can be done if there is a problem with flow through the Lachat PDS200 dilutor?


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What can be done if there is a problem with flow through the Lachat PDS200 dilutor?
Issue with flow through dilutor.
If there is a problem with flow through the PDS200 Precision Dilutor System (Product # A89103/A89203) there are a couple of things that can be considered prior to shipping in for service.
  • The ferrules can be replaced. If the ferrules are not forming a good seal, air will get pulled through and there may be little or no flow of the sample. If new ferrules are needed, one can order the NUT, 1/4-28 POLY - 1/16 (Product # 29005) and the Ferrule, 1/16 (Product # 29006); these both come in packages of two.
  • The ports on the three-way valve can be flushed out. If there was particulate in a sample or sampler rinse station, the first narrow point it will reach is the three-way valve. To flush this out one can try the following:
    1. Disconnect the dilutor from the system. To do this remove:
      • All tubing from ports of the three-way valve
      • The diluent line and probe line from the front of the dilutor
      • The sampler connection cable
      • The power supply 
    2. Hold the dilutor with the three-way valve pointing down over a sink or tub
    3. Rinse each of the three ports
    4. Press the brown button on the three-way valve to manually actuate the valve a few times while flushing each port.  The button may be very stiff and not feel like it moves but it may still be actuating.
    5. Hook the dilutor back up and test it to see if the flow issue is resolved. 
If these suggestions do not help the three-way valve probably needs to be replaced.  The PDS200 should be shipped in for service for this.
Below is an image showing the three-way valve.

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