How do you download data from an FL900 using FSData Desktop?


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How do you download data from an FL900 using FSData Desktop?
Downloading data from an FL900 using FSData Desktop.
  1. Connect to the FL900.  See "What is the proper procedure for using FSData Desktop to connect with an FL900?".
  2. From the Instrument page, find a gray button that says "Download" in the upper right corner.  Click on the button.
  3. A drop box titled "Download Data" will appear. 
  4. At the top of the box, there are two options: 
    • Download all data
    • Download new data since last download.
    • Click on your choice.  When in doubt, download all the data.
  5. Below this, it says "Save data to" and has a box with a folder where the data file will be stored.  To pick a different location, click on Browse and find the folder you want.
  6. Click the "Download Button" at the bottom of the box and the file will download to the location you selected. 
  7. The file type is ".fl9" and can only be read by FSData Desktop.
  8. If you wish to export the data for use in another environment, after Step 5 click on export data.  You are given two choices:
    • TSV - Tab Separated Values
    • CSV - Comma Separated Values.  (Excel can read this file type).
    • You can also pick a location where to save the exported file.
    • Click "Download."
  9. You have now downloaded your data from the FL900.

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