Why can't the Titralab® AS1000 Series Sample Changer be used for chlorine analysis?


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Why can't the Titralab® AS1000 Series Sample Changer be used for chlorine analysis?
AS1000 sample changer and chlorine analysis
There are a few reasons the Titralab® AS1000 Series Sample Changer cannot be used for chlorine analysis with the TitraLab® AT1000 Series Potentiometric Titrator.
  1. Chlorine is very volatile and needs to be analyzed immediately after sample collection for the best, most accurate results. Chlorine is a strong oxidizing agent and is unstable in natural waters. Chlorine reacts quickly with various inorganic compounds and more slowly with organic compounds. Many factors, including reactant concentrations, sunlight, pH, temperature, and salinity influence the decomposition of chlorine in water. With the time it takes to load up the sample changer and by the time the samples are actually measured, the chlorine levels will have greatly changed from the initial sample collection.
  2. The sample changer is only capable of holding beakers that can hold up to 150 mL of sample. The chlorine method calls for 200 mL of sample, so the sample changer beakers are too small.
  3. In addition to the small volume beakers, the sample changer beakers are made of plastic. Chlorine analysis cannot be conducted in plastic containers as they have a large chlorine demand and can provide lower results. Glass beakers are required for the chlorine methods and are not available with the AS1000 sampler.

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