How do you check the flow rate on a CL17 analyzer?


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How do you check the flow rate on a CL17 analyzer?
Checking the flow rate on a CL17.
The flow rate on a CL17 can be measured by collecting the sample water at the instrument drain using a graduated beaker.  You should watch the top yellow pinch block in the pump assembly.  When the top block is no longer pinching the two outer tubes, you should turn off the instrument power.  Collect the drain water at the bottom of the instrument for 30 seconds, and multiply the volume by two.  The recommended flow rate is approximately 300 mL/min.

Another method would be to loosen the two thumbscrews for the clear pinch plate on the pump assembly, and collect the sample water as previously noted.  If this method is used, the reagents will lose their prime unless you first clamp off the reagent tubes before loosening the pinch plate.  Make sure that the pinch plate thumbscrews are finger tight after checking the flow rate, and run a reagent prime if necessary.

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