How is the software for the sc200 updated?


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How is the software for the sc200 updated?
sc200 firmware update

Software Update Procedure for sc200 Controller

There are two ways to update the software for an sc200 controller. The one way is by using an SD card inserted directly into the controller and the second is using DataCom and a PC.

First the latest version of the software for the sc200 Controller should be downloaded: Here is the most current version available on
The software is downloaded as a .zip folder and before the update is performed the files need to be extracted. To do this open the file location where the the .zip was saved, and right click on the .zip folder and select "Extract All..." Select a location on the PC to save the extracted files (if using an SD to update the software, it is recommended not to extract the files to the SD card dirrectly as this can often lead to file corruption issues).

Firmware updates with SD card

A PC and a USB card reader or other device capable of reading and SD card are required.
  1. Download and Extract the update files (see above for more information).
  2. Move the entire "HACH" folder onto an empty SD card. The folder structure will be correct for the sc200 to recognize the update and find the files.
  3. Eject the SD card from the computer and insert it into the sc200. Note: Only software versions newer than the software version on the controller will be recognized by the contoller.
  4. Follow the instructions from section 6.12.1 on page 42 for Updating software from the sc200 Controller User Manual

Firmware updates with DataCom

Direct communication between a computer and the sc200 requires DataCom version beta3 (See:Is DataCom still available for the sc200 controller? ) and an Interface cable for sc100 / sc200 (RS232) Product # LZX887.

Using DataCom for the sc200 is similar to the update procedure for the sc100 controller. Different from the sc100 controller is updating the sc200 firmware, which is identical to uploading the sensor firmware. See the following articles for more information:
Where can I find instructions for using the DataCom software?
How is Datacom used with a PC?
What is the Service Port on the sc200?

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