Can the IntelliCAL™ Dissolved Oxygen probes automatically correct for salinity?


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Can the IntelliCAL™ Dissolved Oxygen probes automatically correct for salinity?
Salinity correction with the IntelliCAL™ DO probes
The IntelliCAL™ LBOD101 can correct for salinity, but it only allows for a manual correction.

The IntelliCAL™ LDO101 probes allow the salinity to be corrected in two different ways: manually or automatically. Auto salinity correction measures dissolved oxygen through the connection of one IntelliCAL™ LDO101 probe and one IntelliCAL™ CDC401 conductivity cell (set to Salinity parameter). The value obtained by the IntelliCAL™ CDC401 conductivity cell automatically adjusts the salinity value for the IntelliCAL™ LDO101 series probe. Salinity units are represented as parts per thousand (ppt) or percent (%).

To correct for salinity manually, follow these steps:
  1. With the probe connected to the meter, press the wrench  button.
  2. Select LBOD101 Settings or LDO101 Settings
  3. Select Modify Current Settings
  4. Select Measurement Options
  5. Select 'Salinity Correction' and change 'Sal Correction Mode' from off to 'Manual'
  6. Name your new method by selecting the up and down arrow keys
  7. Once the name is saved, select 'Correction Factor' and input the salinity of the sample in %
  8. Push exit until the meter returns to the measurement mode
To correct for salinity automatically on the LDO101 electrode, follow these steps:
  1. Connect the LDO101 probe and CDC401 conductivity cell to the HQ40d or HQ440d meter. Turn the meter on. Note: Security options must be turned off to use auto salinity correction.
  2. Push  and select CDC401 Settings.
  3. Select Current Method and select Hach Salinity. Push OK. Note: To change more measurement options, choose Modify Current Settings, change the parameter to Salinity and any other desired settings.
  4. Push Exit until the Full Access Options menu is shown.
  5. Select LDO101 Settings
  6. Select Modify Current Settings
  7. Select Measurement Options
  8. Select Salinity Correction: Off
  9. Select Sal Correction Mode: Off. Push the down arrow key and select 'Auto (*) - Use CDC401'. Push OK.
  10. Push Exit until the meter returns to the measurement mode. The HQd meter is now set up to automatically use the salinity values obtained by the CDC401 with the LDO101 probe. If the salinity value is out of range, the display will show *S= --- above the dissolved oxygen reading. Note: The asterisk (*) indicates that salinity is automatically correcting the dissolved oxygen value. No asterisk indicates that salinity is being manually corrected. Warning messages will override the asterisk (*) priority.


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