Claros Collect Resource Library


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Claros Collect Resource Library
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This library provides resources to help you deliver business value, faster. Claros Collect is part of Claros Data Management

Welcome to the Claros Collect resource library. Click on the links below to find resources to support your learning process

Getting Started with Claros Collect

How-to articles for Claros Collect - Our learning guide can help you get set up with Collect, faster

Key Concepts to know about Claros  -  This section describes key concepts to help you understand Claros main functionalities.

Additional Resources

         NEW!! Claros Beta testing opportunities: Support us developing new Claros Software tools by partnering with us. Be a Claros tester user!

          Hach Claros Security white Paper - - This paper details measures that Claros leverages to protect our customer's data

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