How do you properly clean the sensor for the FH950?


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Veröffentlichungsdatum 14.10.2017
How do you properly clean the sensor for the FH950?
FH950 Cleaning the Sensor
Clean the sensor when unexpected increases or decreases in flow or level trends occur and after use in sandy or muddy waterways.
For heavy contamination, soak the sensor in clear water for a few minutes to help make the contamination easy to remove.
Disconnect the sensor from the meter before it is cleaned. Use only solutions listed as acceptable in Table 4 to clean the sensor
(see User manual located here for more information). For sensors with a pressure cell (i.e., velocity plus depth sensors), make sure
the holes for the pressure cell chambers are washed out and clear of contamination. Rinse the sensor with clean water before
re-attaching the sensor to the assembly.


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