How do you properly troubleshoot errors on the FH950?


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How do you properly troubleshoot errors on the FH950?
Troubleshooting Errors on the FH950.
Troubleshooting Errors

The meter and sensor contain no user-serviceable parts. For the errors and messages listed, try the corrective action.
If the problem persists or a problem occurs that is not in the list, contact Tech Support.

Sensor is not connected -
Connect a sensor or disconnect and reconnect the current sensor and try the action again.

Value is out of range -
Change the measurement parameters or put in a different value, then try the action again.

Sensor data is known to be not correct or not accurate -
Clean the sensor and test by following the proper procedures:  Velocity Zero Adjustment and Cleaning the Sensor.

Sensor is not recognized -
Check the sensor connection. Make sure that the lock nut on the connection port is tight (finger-tighten only).

Display is dim or is not visible -
Push a key on the keypad.

Data is not available or access to the data is not possible -
Make sure that the USB option (Main Menu) is set to Mass Storage. More information can be found here.

Meter is unresponsive -
Push and hold the power button for at least 3 seconds. This deenergizes the meter. Energize the meter again.
Note: Do not use this method to power off while in normal operation or if the file access icon is visible in the display.

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