What are the differences between refillable and gel filled pH electrodes?


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What are the differences between refillable and gel filled pH electrodes?
Refillable verses gel filled pH probes.
Gel filled probes are non-refillable, have a shorter life and warranty, and a lower maintenance requirement. The gel filled probe warranty is six months and the average life is about one year. They have a lower cost per probe. Proper storage and cleaning is important with these electrodes, however they do have the maintenance requirements of a refillable probe.

Refillable probes have a one year warranty, and an average life of two to three years. Refillable probes have a higher cost per probe, buy they need to be replaced less often, leading to more savings long term. In addition to proper storage and cleaning, these probes have an internal filling solution to maintain. The additional maintenance includes remembering to open the fill hole when in use and closing it again when not in use, adding filling solution to the probe as needed, and occasionally completely replacing the filling solution.

The trade off is expected life and maintenance requirement. For most applications either a gel filled probe or a refillable probe can be used, although this is not the case for all applications. The most common non standard application is low ionic strength (LIS) samples. These samples consume electrolyte at an accelerated rate. Because of this gel filled probes have a much shorter life and have stability issues. All the probes recommended for this application are refillable. For viscous samples with low ionic charge transport refillable with high electrolyte flow (such as provided by annular ring junctions) are applicable.

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