How do you program an FL900 Logger?


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How do you program an FL900 Logger?
Programming an FL900 Logger with FSData Desktop: General Settings page.
  1. Connect to the FL900 Logger with FSData Desktop
  2. The program comes up on the "General Settings" page.
  3. Site ID
    • Choose a name for the site.  You have up to 16 characters.
  4. Location
    • Choose a location description for your site.  You have up to 30 characters.
  5. Port Assignments
    • The FL900 automatically detects any sensors connected to it.  So if you connect all your sensors to the FL900 before you connect your computer to it, they will automatically come up in the Port Assignments.
    1. If you want to create them manually, click on the arrow next to the desired Port and the list of options will appear:
      • Not Detected: means no sensor is detected by the FL900
      • Flo-Dar: Flo-Dar sensor
      • SVS: an SVS sensor attached to a Flo-Dar
      • AV9000: Module for using a Sigma SubAV sensor
      • Flo-Tote3: Flo-Tote3 3 sensor
      • US9000: Ultra Sonic Level sensor
      • IM9001: Connects the FL900 to a Sigma 950
    2. Repeat for each Port you have a sensor on.
    3. Leave unused Ports set to "Not Detected."
    4. If you have a sensor connected but what shows up is "Not Detected," this means that the FL900 does not detect the sensor.
      • Check the cable connections
      • This can also be caused by a bad sensor.
  6. To continue with "Select Channels to Log," see:
" Selecting and programming parameters on the FL900 using FSData Desktop"

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