How do you properly enter FLO-DAR calibration information into the FL900?


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How do you properly enter FLO-DAR calibration information into the FL900?
How to properly enter the FLO-DAR calibration information into the FL900 using FLO-WARE
 Note: This will not focus on aspects related to the sensor, except as they are programmed into the FL900.  For information on proper calibration of a sensor, see calibration articles for the specific sensor you are using (e.g., FLO-DAR, FLO-TOTE, etc.)
  1. After connecting your computer to the FL900, click on the "Sensor Port 1" button (or whatever Port number your FLO-DAR is on) in the white programming section at the top left (below "Datalog Setup").
  2. You will see "Port 1: FLO-DAR-Dar Configuration."
  3. Below that about one inch there are four tabs
    • General Settings
    • Advanced Settings
    • Surcharge Settings
    • Flow Settings
  4. Click on the General Settings tab and you will see "FLO-DAR-Dar Velocity Settings."  There are eight items listed below it.
  5. The first box is "Velocity Method" and it should be set to "Mean Vel."
  6. Site Multiplier
    • This a calibration adjustment to make the FLO-DAR velocity match the actual velocity.  The velocity measured by the FLO-DAR is multiplied by the number in the box.
    • For example, if the FLO-DAR measures a velocity of 4.0 fps and the actual velocity of the water is 4.8 fps, then enter 1.20 into the Site Multiplier box.
    • If the "Site Multiplier" is less than 0.75 or greater than 1.25, you should investigate to determine if there is some issue with the site that is making the FLO-DAR and the manual velocity meter read different. 
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