What parameters should be logged on the Flo-Dar?


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What parameters should be logged on the Flo-Dar?
Deciding which parameters to log on the Flo-Dar.
  1. For a list of all of the parameters, see Article Link
  2. We recommend that you log as many parameters as possible.
    • If you only have a Flo-Dar with an SVS sensor and you log all the parameters, it is only 13 parameters and the FL900 can log up to 16.
  3. Why log all parameters?
    • The non-essential parameters are very helpful for diagnosing problems with the  Flo-Dar, the data, or the site.  With these parameters we can often determine the cause of the problem.  Logging all the parameters can help your data, but it can't hurt you.
  4. Example:   Flo-Dar + SVS with an FL900 Logger
    • Log all 13 parameters and take a sample every 5 minutes.
    • The memory will last for 86 days.
  5. Example: Flo-Dar + SVS with a FL1500
    • Log all 13 parameters and take a sample every 5 minutes
    • The memory will last for 180 days.
  6. So there is plenty of memory to log all parameters.
  7. If you have another sensor on the Logger and there are more than 16 parameters, which parameters should be logged?  There importance would ranked like this:
    • Essential: Level, Velocity, Flow, Power Supply, Surcharge Velocity
    • Very helpful: Surcharge Level, Surface Velocity, Distance, Distance Counts
    • Helpful: PMR, NOS, Temperature, Conductivity
  8. Example: Flo-Dar + SVS + Sub AV with an FL900 logger.  In this case we recommend logging the following parameters:
    • Flo-Dar: All 13 parameters.
    • Sub AV: Flow, Level and Velocity.
    • This gives a total of 16.

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