Why do I need to test for Total Organic Carbon (TOC)?


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Why do I need to test for Total Organic Carbon (TOC)?
A brief introduction to why it is important to test for Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
Why is it important to test for TOC?
  • TOC is everywhere and in almost everything
  • Elevated TOC level indicates leaks in the manufacturing process
  • TOC is a key indicator of water contamination
  • TOC is used to ensure water meets required purity levels
  • TOC is an industry standard indicateor for process control / equipment protection
  • TOC levels are an early detection indicationof process "health" to enable optimum water purification performance of RO or demineralizer elements
Enviornmental Technology article discussing the importance of testing Total Organic Carbon
New York Times article sharing the impact on water sources
Good Engineering shares how food and beverage makers can better monitor water quality
Chemical Engineering discusses Oila nd Gas refineries, and impact of TOC sampling and measurement

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